About Spectrum Audio Visual

About Denver, CO-based Spectrum Audio Visual

For more than three decades, Spectrum Audio Visual has been Denver, CO’s reliable provider of audio visual equipment and services for events of all sizes. If you’re organizing a trade show, corporate conference, or another type of special event anywhere in the United States, you’ll need quality equipment for communicating with the audience, playing music or videos, and displaying information. Our audio visual equipment rental gives you access to top-of-the-line speakers, microphones, PA systems, and many other audio visual components that may be necessary for your event. Our service doesn’t stop with renting the equipment. We also offer our valuable expertise to handle AV system integration and installation, resolve AV issues when they come up, and take care of all the technical responsibilities. With our proficient skillset in setting up and running audio visual equipment, you can concentrate on your guests and the presentation at hand. Let our skilled and knowledgeable team help you ensure your event runs smoothly and efficiently.

Why Should You Choose Us for Your Event?

Spectrum Audio Visual is the company to trust with your AV equipment rental, sales, and service needs for a multitude of reasons. Our experience is a prime example since we have over 35 years of history working with clients nationwide using a wide assortment of audio visual components. We also provide technology and service expertise that our competitors cannot match. From facility operations to common technical obstacles, we’ve dealt with a myriad of unique venues, equipment needs, event sizes, and installation issues. Our extensive expertise makes us a dependable source of guidance and logistics, and we follow through with exceptional service from the planning stage to the execution. Our team also values your patronage, and we make sure your experience with our company a completely satisfactory by pairing our technology and expertise with outstanding customer service. To ensure you always get the best possible service, we extensively train every member of our staff to be fluent in all the relevant technologies, business practices, and facility guidelines and requirements.

Services We Offer for Events of All Sizes

Whether you’re hosting a crowd of 15 or 500, Spectrum Audio Visual is ready to help your event’s sound and visual display run smoothly and hassle-free. Our AV expertise has a national reach, assisting countless clients in various cities with staging, installation, and even translation systems at their trade shows, conferences, and other types of events. You can count on us for a wide array of professional audio visual services, including the following:

  • Audio Visual Integration and Installation – We have expertise in a wide variety of audio visual equipment, from speaker systems to commercial audio technology. When we deliver your equipment, our services continue with flawless installation and integration at your event site. Having us install your equipment ensures a sleek and professional appearance and dependable system operation.
  • Conference and Translation Systems – Some events, such as international meetings, involve speakers and listeners who need help understanding information due to language barriers. When language is an issue at your conference or presentation, our simultaneous translation systems quickly and reliably translate your information into multiple languages. This new technology is beneficial in many areas, including international meetings.
  • Staging and Production – We can make your production hassle-free by customizing equipment for your venue and presentation needs. Our team specializes in such services as video image magnification, tailored creative presentations, and other services to optimize your event. Equipment and installation are contingent on the size and type of venue your event is taking place, the number of attendees, your audio visual needs, and many other factors.

Audio Visual Equipment Maintenance, Rental, & Sales

Our equipment sales and rental can help make your office or event venue the perfect environment for presentations and clear communication. Spectrum Audio Visual has an extensive collection of AV equipment available to clients for a weekend conference of a permanent place in their facility. We house over $4 million worth of the industry’s latest audio visual equipment at our 25,000-square-foot warehouse. Our inventory includes state-of-the-art equipment, such as soundboards, cameras, switchers, and every type of light you can imagine. Additionally, we also have plasma screens for sale or rent to add high-definition video and image displays to your event, and we offer computer rental, so you can get iPads, touch screen displays, MacBooks, Windows-based laptops, monitors, and printers to support your operations. Our team also keeps your event running smoothly with preventative AV equipment maintenance to ensure all your machines and equipment work without any trouble. You get our audio visual equipment rental, sales, and maintenance coupled with exceptional customer service and unbeatable prices.

Call Us for All Your Audio Visual Equipment Needs

At Spectrum Audio Visual, we’re proud of our long history of serving the audio visual needs of clients in Colorado and throughout the United States. If you need an AV system installed at your Denver office or are planning a trade show or another event in another state, our highly trained and knowledgeable team can help you select the AV equipment you need and install it for flawless function. You can contact Spectrum Audio Visual with any questions you have about our inventory or services, and we’ll help you get started enlisting our expertise for your audio visual needs.

Why Choose Us?

  • Consultative Experts
  • 25,000 Sq. Ft. Warehouse
  • Equipment Sales & Rentals
  • Professional, Expert Technicians
  • $4 Million in State-of-the-Art Equipment
  • Over 25 Years of Industry-Leading Experience