Audio Visual FAQS

Reliable Audio Visual Services from Spectrum Audio Visual

Denver, CO-based Spectrum Audio Visual has provided audio visual equipment and services to clients across the United States for over 30 years. No matter the size of your event, we can provide the equipment you need for communicating with your audience, playing music or videos, or displaying information. Our audio visual equipment rental gives you access to top-quality components, but our services don’t stop there. We offer our valuable expertise to help ensure that your event runs smoothly and efficiently. Below, you’ll find the answer to some frequently asked questions about our audio visual services. If you need further information, don’t hesitate to contact us.

What Is AV Equipment?

AV equipment, or audio visual equipment, is the electronic equipment used to play sound and images. For special events like conferences, trade shows, live shows, weddings, or parties, you’ll want to have the best audio visual equipment possible, so that your images and sound will be sharp and clear.

What Type of Services Does Spectrum Audio Visual Offer?

We provide complete audio visual solutions for trade shows, meetings, conventions, and special events. We offer audio visual equipment and much more, including last-minute service and customized accommodations that give you a competitive edge. We’re experts in helping our clients get the very best equipment, but we also provide AV integration to ensure your equipment works perfectly and your event runs smoothly. We don’t just deliver the equipment. We also install it to prevent technical difficulties from disrupting your presentation. Our audio visual services include:

How Long Does Event Production Setup Typically Take?

Typically, setting up for an event takes a full 8-hour day, but this varies depending on the size and scale of the event. If your event isn’t local, we’ll also have to consider the time it takes to transport the equipment to the event. Contact us for a free, customized quote.

What AV Equipment Brands Do You Carry?

We offer a wide variety of audio visual equipment from some of the top manufacturers in the United States. The list is extensive, including names from America Inter-M to Xantech and many brands in-between. For the full list, check out our equipment sales page. In addition to selling audio visual equipment, we offer audio visual equipment rental to help you get the very best equipment without a major investment. We strive to provide our customers with innovative and reliable solutions, keeping up with continuous improvements in the industry.

What Areas Do You Service?

If you’re planning an event in the Denver area, the Colorado Convention Center is a great venue. It’s got 584,000 square feet of exhibit space, 100,000 square feet of meeting rooms, 85,000 square feet of ballroom space, and the 5,000-seat Bellco Theatre. What’s more, Spectrum Audio Visual is only 10 minutes away, so it’s easy for us to provide equipment rentals and services and respond to any last-minute changes that may arise. However, if your event will not take place in Denver, we can still provide you with reliable service. In addition to providing audio visual services to all of Denver’s venues, we also serve large venues throughout the U.S., traveling regularly from coast-to-coast to provide high-level presentations. No matter where your event is being held in the United States, we can deliver the quality equipment and audio visual services you need.

Do You Do an On-Site Venue Inspection First?

What sets Spectrum Audio Visual apart from the competition is the way we provide the highest-performance audio visual equipment, professional installations by highly-trained technicians, and industry-best pricing. No matter how complex your project may be, you can count on our team of AV professionals to deliver flawless execution. We pride ourselves on 100% customer satisfaction, so we’ll install your equipment and make sure everything is running smoothly.

Do You Provide Spare Equipment in Case of Technical Issues?

In most cases, we will have spare equipment on-site in case of an emergency. We also provide expert audio visual equipment maintenance to ensure your event runs smoothly.

Call Spectrum Audio Visual for Audio Visual Services

No matter the size or scope of your event, Spectrum Audio Visual has got you covered. In addition to providing top-quality components, we are proficient in setting up and running audio visual equipment, so that you can concentrate on your guests and presentation. Our skilled and knowledgeable team will keep your event running smoothly and efficiently. We’ve got experience with myriad venues, equipment needs, event sizes, and installation issues, and our extensive expertise makes us a reliable source of guidance and logistics. From the planning stages to the execution of your event, we’ll combine technology, expertise, and outstanding customer service to make it a success. Contact us for more information.

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