Audio Visual Equipment Maintenance in Denver

Why do you need an AV maintenance contract?

We’ve all experience technical difficulties in our technology-based world. We try to start a presentation or use a projector or other piece of equipment and nothing happens. The equipment won’t start. Now you must scramble to come up with Plan B, which leaves half your graphics unusable or your speaker trying to make his/her voice heard by the whole crowd without the use of a microphone. Also, since your IT guy is not an AV expert, he/she may or may not be able to quickly isolate the problem and correct it.

If you’d had someone periodically checking over the equipment and making sure everything was in good working order, you’d be able to focus your energy on that presentation, speaker, or sales pitch and not be fretting over AV problems and how to salvage a bad situation. When it comes to this delicate and sometimes tricky equipment, regular inspection and maintenance will save you time, money, and embarrassment—and perhaps help you close the deal by being preventative rather than reactive. Spectrum Audio Visual can do that for you.

Why do you need a professional for your AV equipment?

As we’ve already established, these are delicate machines with many moving parts. A professional audiovisual consultant has knowledge of all aspects of your equipment, from projection and large format displays to camera techniques, as well as an understanding of each system, and how to troubleshoot problems and watch for potential issues before they happen. Having a professional diagnose the problem and either correct it or recommend replacement equipment, when necessary, will ensure your presentation or event goes off without a single electronic glitch. Spectrum Audio Visual has the professionals you need in Denver and beyond.

How often do you need the service?

Audiovisual equipment should be thoroughly checked at least once a year, depending on how often your business uses the equipment. If you are performing regular presentations using your equipment, more frequent checks may be required. We’ll work with you personally to craft a maintenance plan that covers your equipment as often as is necessary, and at a rate that will work with your budget.

What services are included in regular maintenance?

Regular maintenance includes cleaning and dust removal for all your equipment, as well as calibration of the projector to make certain it fits the screen and that the color quality and signal are optimal. If something needs to be replaced, a professional technician can quickly identify the part or system that needs to be changed out and get it done swiftly. Spectrum Audio Visual is ready to help you.

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